We have selected 10 cheap hotels in Geneva - Low prices but good comfort for a perfect stay in Geneva - The rates have been negociated and may be discounted up to 60%.

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Budget accommodations

Hotel Bernina
Hotel Capitole
Hotel Drake Longchamp
Hotel Sagitta
Hotel Admiral
Hotel NH Aeroport
Hotel Eden
Hotel Montbrillant
Hotel Jade
Hotel Strasbourg Univers
Hotel Ramada Encore

Geneva cheap hotels

Geneva also offers, like all the European largest cities, a large choice of cheap hotels and hostels - We decided to only select the ones offering a good standing - Of course the service is not the one of a palace but booking your stay in one of our selected budget accommodations is a garantee of comfort. For  example the Bernina Hotel Geneva is proposing a warm and welcoming atmosphere to its guests ... Its decoration is really "design" but not cold. Bright and clean rooms for cheap prices - A good hotel adress downtown Geneva..   Thank you for your visit - Enjoy your stay in Geneva.

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Hotel Bernina

Hotel Bernina - Budget accommodation

Bernina Swiss Q Hotel has been in it's present location since 1932, in a building designed and built in the middle of the 19th century. It has a welcoming atmosphere that emphasizes friendly and hospitable service. The Hotel is centrally located, opposite the train railway station, and all windows are fully sound proof. Hotel Bernina Geneva

Lake of Geneva


Geneva cheap hotels - Budget accommodations

We have reviewed and selected 10 charming hotels- We hope that our Geneva cheap hotels reviews will help you in choosing the apropriate place to stay... If you want to tell us about your feeling and impressions about one of the listed properties - Please send us an e-mail.